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Julie Posey

Julie Posey

My name is Julie Posey and I’m originally from Colorado but first relocated to Kansas and then in 2013, I moved to Central Florida.

Many people remember me for my work as the Cybercrime Fighter and the Lifetime TV movie, Defending Our Kids: The Julie Posey Story. I’ve spent 10 years working with law enforcement across the nation to protect children and bring sexual predators to justice. My work has resulted in 105 convictions in five states and I’ve maintained a 100% conviction rate.

While I am still very passionate about the safety of children and bringing sex offenders to justice, I had to retire from Cybercrime fighting due mostly to family health problems. It was perfect timing too. When I first started my work, there was no law enforcement presence on the Web, there were no task forces set up and the Department of Homeland Security didn’t even exist. Times have drastically changed for the better. Nearly every police department has a task force or is a member of one and is fully equipped to protect children from being victimized. There are also federally funded training opportunities available for law enforcement that didn’t exist when I was working with them.

I have now created this blog to share my experiences with my adult ADHD with my friends, family and my many Web site visitors. My everyday experiences go beyond misplacing my keys or forgetting something at the grocery store. I manage to find myself in some of the craziest situations and along with my blog, I have written a book, You Know You Have ADHD When… that takes another humorous look at my experiences with ADHD.

I’ve always known that I had trouble staying focused and difficulty remembering even the simplest things, but I couldn’t get any doctors to understand it. They would just tell me that I’m too young for Alzheimer’s Disease or that we all forget our keys and send me on my way.

In 2003, I finally found a doctor that was qualified to diagnose ADHD and she told me that I had a severe case. I tried some of the medications available at the time but they were quite expensive and I didn’t have insurance that would cover prescription drugs.

Then in 2012, I learned of a new approach to ADHD treatment and started treatment. I can say that it has greatly helped me to learn to correct some of my behaviors and redirect my busy mind to staying on task. My life has greatly improved but I still have those times when everything seems to go wrong and I have to work hard to avoid doing some things that most people just can’t understand.

In this blog, I will be sharing my experiences with ADHD as they arise. I would like to thank you for visiting and we hope you’ll come back often.

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