Can You Hear Me Now? Can you hear me yet?


I’ve shared some interesting exploits from my dear friend, Lulu in the past and she’s still a pretty funny lady. In fact, she may have outdone herself this time.

I was talking to her on the phone tonight and she asked me if I wanted to talk to another member of the household. I was eager to speak with him and I waited for a couple of minutes for him to come to the phone. I could hear him in the background saying, Hello? Hello?” I answered because I thought maybe he was on speaker phone and he wasn’t real close to the phone. He apparently couldn’t hear me.

Then I hear Lulu’s sweet voice saying something like, “Oh no! I’m so sorry! Here honey, try the phone instead. You can’t talk to her with the TV remote.” She handed him the remote instead of the phone!

I hope she never tries to call out with the remote. In just one try she could get distracted by three home shopping channels and it would be days before I heard from her.

This woman is such an amazing friend and the one reason we get along so well is because we’re both so nutty.

I love you Lulu 🙂

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