Frequently Asked Questions

Aren’t people with ADHD just lazy?
No, those of us with ADHD are incredible multitasking wizards and we can get more done in a day than most people can do in a week. Then there’s the time and effort it takes to constantly search for misplaced items and the number of hours we spend dealing with the consequences of some of careless mistakes.

How long have you had ADHD?
Probably since conception. The first noticeable symptom was actually prior to being born. My mother reports that my birth was several weeks past my due date. This set the stage for me to fight tardiness for the rest of my life.

How do people react to you when they learn that you have been diagnosed with ADHD?
I have found that when it comes to adult ADHD, society in general is in deep denial. Many people can’t accept the fact that someone they know or love has ADHD. When people find out that I have ADHD, I often hear them say things like, “You don’t have ADHD. You are just refusing to focus.” or “The only thing wrong with you is that you have too many things going on in your head at one time.” Ya think? I’m so glad these people aren’t my doctors or therapists!

The general population is much more ready to accept everything else.

Is there a cure for ADHD?
No, there’s no cure but the good news is that its not a terminal illness so you won’t die from ADHD. Not directly anyway. ADHD’ers do tend to have more accidents and injuries due to their lack of focus.

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