Problems in the Kitchen


The electric can opener is a real nice convenience but I’m finding out that I really don’t need it to open the jar of peanut butter.

I love the microwave. I use it to cook, warm up lunch and all kinds of things. I can’t ever seem to remember where I left my cup of coffee and when I do find it, I have to nuke it. The other day I had to warm it up after spending 20 minutes looking for it. Instead of pushing in the number of seconds, I found myself using the touch pad to type in my ATM pin number. I really have to change that number to something that starts with two zeros.

Then there’s the coffee pot. That’s a big problem lately. I have to be wide awake to operate it but need to have the caffeine to get my day jump started. I used to forget the coffee or the water but now it has gotten even worse. Yesterday morning I poured the water in the reservoir and even put the coffee in the little basket and turned it on. I went to take the dog out and then got distracted while outside and re-potted a couple of dying plants real quick. I came in the house and there was one serious mess going everywhere all over the counter. I shut off the coffee pot, cleaned up the ground coffee and water mess. After investigating the cause of the problem, I found that the glass carafe was missing. How did that happen? Well, I found it inside the refrigerator. Maybe I better add a Keurig to my Amazon wish list. That would be one way to cure the problem!

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