The Traumatizing Waxing Incident

EyebrowWell, it had been a while since I’d waxed my eyebrows and it was becoming quite apparent that it needed to be done. That whole uni-brow thing was getting to be too much and I’m pretty sure that’s why cars were slowing down to take a look as they passed by my house.

The day had come for me to drop everything and do that dreaded waxing thing. I heated the wax to that perfect temperature where it will be easy to spread but not hot enough to cause any burns. Then, just like the pamphlet instructed me, I applied a thin layer over the part of the right brow that I wanted to remove. Then applied the waxing strip and rubbed it a little to be sure that the wax was attaching to the hair. Then with one quick motion, I grabbed one end of the strip and ripped it off.

Holy cow! That hurt! I can’t believe I inflicted that level of pain on myself and had to do it again on the left eyebrow.

About two hours later, I was noticing that the right eyebrow was still really sore so I went to take a look in the mirror. I was starting to look like a domestic violence victim. At least one layer of skin was ripped off of the right brow and light abrasions were beginning to appear. The eyelid was swelling and had a bit of a purple tint starting to appear.

I’m sure the neighbors really wondered about me when I want outside after 10pm to trim a piece of the aloe vera from the plant outside. Hey, I really do water and fertilize that thing for my health. It did seem to take the sting out for the moment anyway.

The next morning my allergies kicked in and made both eyes puffy but the right eye was starting to look like I’d been in a fight. I could barely open my right eyelid and the light abrasions were now looking more like I had been on the wrong end of a 2×4. I had places to go where I’d be likely to encounter humans so I decided it was a good day to wear lavender and put on the purple eyeshadow. The makeup covered the abrasions but didn’t do a thing for the puffy eyes but I took an allergy pill and things began to improve.

I have no idea where things went wrong or why but I am thinking about stopping by the beauty salon and paying $10 to let someone else torture me next time.


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